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Once upon a time there was a phone book that contained information that kept us connected, and it served the people well. However things change! Even the phone book had its beginning. Today people use the internet for locating the places they want to visit. If your church or ministry does not have a website you are doing it a great disservice. However simply putting up a web page is not enough. A web site has to make a great first impression. Just as you want the people driving by your church to get a good impression, you should want your website to give that very same great impression. You need the people who decide to look around to find useful information. Who wants to attend a church service and hear a poorly prepare sermon; the same goes with the content of a website.

I know first hand the challenge to have a great website and to keep it up to date. Finding someone in the church to do those updates is difficult. We have ways of making this process easier for greater success.

The Husbandman Ministry is dedicated to the service of the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to help churches and ministries with their websites and outreach needs. We are here to help you understand and effectively use the internet to reach your ministries goals. Church website creation and development is our main focus, but we can do more to help with your communications.

Please contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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