Capitalism vs Socialism

A Biblical Look at Capitalism & Socialism I believe people can get caught up in terminology and ideology that leads to a total misunderstanding of what is going on. I believe this to be true with the words capitalism and socialism. Most Christians I know associate capitalism as the biblical way and socialism as evil. […]

Evangelistic Church vs Soul-Winning Church

Is your church a soul-winning church? I was attending Greater Portland Baptist church and heard Pastor Rick Adams make a statement that was an eyeopener to me. I may have his terms backward, but I have the definitions correct. He said an evangelistic church is one that the services are centered around reaching souls. While […]

The Fall of Christianity

Why Christianity is falling By all accounts Christianity is on a downturn in the nations it has dominated. I say the reason for this is Christians in these places have become carnal. They have become carnal because they consume carnal entertainment. Is it reasonable to expect Christians not to desire entertainment? Here in lies the […]

The Battle For Hope

The Church of Jesus Christ must give hope to a lost world. …having no hope, and without God in the world: Ephesian 2:12 There are possibly three positions to take on God. Atheism: Faith that there is no God┬ábecause to state this in the absolute requires a knowledge of all things and no man possesses […]