In the Service of the KING

The Battle For Hope

The Church of Jesus Christ must give hope to a lost world. …having no hope, and without God in the world: Ephesian 2:12 There are possibly three positions to take on God. Atheism: Faith that there is no God because to state this in the absolute requires a knowledge of all things and no man possesses […]

Don’t get hacked!

It is more than your website at stake when getting hacked. How websites get hacked most of the time is by interjecting code through and input. WordPress has sanitization callbacks to make sure what is being enter into the database is valid information. Over the years I have had a few encounters with hacking. When […]

The Subjugation of Truth

How the truth is lost in the sea of rebellion. Sometimes I think truth gets lost in our world of voices and opinions. Truth does exist, despite the effort to subdue it. If you were on trial for a crime you did not do, you would desperately want the truth to be known. The difference […]