Understand Forgivenesses from God’s Example To understand forgiveness we must do it through viewing the character of God, because God is our example. We are not asked by God to do more than He is willing to do. If God loves sinful men then we too must love as He loves. He calls us to be […]

Jesus preaching

What you might not know about the folly of date setting.

Date Setting and It may happen more than you think! This past September 23, 2017, was one of those date setting times. Though most if not all said that they were not setting dates they did it in a covert way. Over my lifetime I know of five major date setting events of the rapture […]

Biblical Guide To Christian Music

My thoughts on Christian Music For thirty plus years I have been living the conservative Christian life and trying to understand Christian music. I am a Bible college graduate and a fundamentalist. I was also very involved in Rock n’ Roll during the 1970s. When I got saved in 1983 I decided to give up […]


The Holy Bible I believe holiness is not understood in this generation and it is causing a lack of power in Christianity. Holiness is simply the act of setting something aside for a purpose. We are told by God to be holy (1 Peter 1:16). The reason God does not tell us to be omniscience, […]