Evangelistic Church vs Soul-Winning Church

Is your church a soul-winning church? I was attending Greater Portland Baptist church and heard Pastor Rick Adams make a statement that was an eyeopener to me. I may have his terms backward, but I have the definitions correct. He said an evangelistic church is one that the services are centered around reaching souls. While […]

Websites 101

I have found it to be very common that people really don’t have a good grasp on how to setup a website. So if you are looking for this information I am going to help you out.

Listing Your Church or Ministry On Google

Helping your church or ministry to be found is as simple as listing it. Search sites such as Google and Bing have business listings. Type “church” in one of these sites’ search bar and you will see a business listing of churches. If your church is not there it is time to take actions. I […]

Don’t get hacked!

It is more than your website at stake when getting hacked. How websites get hacked most of the time is by interjecting code through and input. WordPress has sanitization callbacks to make sure what is being enter into the database is valid information. Over the years I have had a few encounters with hacking. When […]

Website or Mobile App?

Should my church or ministry have a mobile website and mobile app or both? There are actually three choices; responsive website, mobile website and mobile app. You will often have people contacting you to about providing one of these three items. How do you know what you should do? Understanding what are the advantage and disadvantages […]