Your Church’s Web Presence

Compare your church’s physical presence compare to your web presence?

I want you to imagine for a minute that your churches physical presence and if it had no sign out in front of it, or let’s imagine that the sign is faded and in disrepair and the church grounds are unkept. If either of these situations existed what would be your response? If it did not concern you I asked you to examine your concern for the work of the Lord and your participation in it. If either of these situations would concern you and you are willing to help make sure these things were corrected then I have something for you along the same lines, your church’s web presence.

What is your church’s presence on the web like? If you are reading this then you use the web like millions of other people. Have you ever tried to find out information about something from the web? I am sure you have and in doing so this should clue you into the importance of having a good web presence. Here are a couple of tests I would like you to perform.

Open your web browser and make sure it is a private or an incognito window (see you browser’s help for this) The reason for doing this is it is a search engine cannot predict what you are looking for. Then do a search for “church”, not baptist, or any other denomination, just “church”. What you are looking for is your web listing and your church listing in the business section. Where does your church show up? If it is not on the first page then there is work to do. Next asked your phone to find a church near you. Will it show you your church?

If you are not being found on the web then this should really concern you. Are you trying to reach the world for the lost? Do you care if someone who is in need of finding help can’t find your church? Do you believe your church has the ability to help? Do think there are churches in your area that might lead a person in the wrong direction and that church is showing up and you are not? If so then read on.

You use the web and that means you have the capability to help. One of the most discouraging things about this is the lack of the leadership to move forward. I don’t believe that church members should run ahead of leadership. I do not think that a leader needs to micromanage every detail of a church, but they do need to be informed. Getting your church correct on a search engine’s business section does not need a lot of consulting, you just need access to the churches phone. However, a web page’s content very much is in need of the Pastor’s consulting. If you are a pastor and reading this, IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY FOR THIS THEN YOU ARE DOING THE WRONG THINGS! I know that is confronting, but it is meant to be. I am very much of part of the Lord’s army and it kills to know that a pastor is too busy to be concerned that his church web presence is poor. Just as much as if I drove by what I know to be a sound bible church and saw their sign and facilities in disrepair.

Please whoever you are reading this please put this in motion with your church and remember we are hear to help every step the way. Contact Us

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