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WordPressAt the Husbandman Ministry, we believe that using well-supported technologies to make maintenance and portability easier is the best option. We highly recommend that churches use WordPress for their websites. It is by far the most used CMS* on the web. What does that mean for you? Great Support! If you do a web search you will find a wealth of helpful articles and videos to get your questions answered.

I know the question; “If WordPress is so easy, why do I need the Husbandman Ministry?”. Well, while it is easy in many ways, it does not mean that there are not bumps along the way. Getting a website set up right, that looks really good can be a challenge for the novice. We can help you over these difficulties.

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A little bit of technicality

There are many companies out there trying to get you to sign up for their easy to use website creator. However, the problem is that if you decide to move your website to another host you can’t! They have you over a barrel. WordPress is free and most hosting services make installation easy.

Another great thing is WordPress has a plugin library which has thousand of plugins. Plugins expand WordPress’ ability to do more things, and if there is no plugin to meet your needs there are plenty of web developers out there who can create one for you. The Husbandman ministry can do that too!

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*Content Management System. A CMS allows people to manage web content with a user interface similar to using a Word processor.